What is character and why do we need to develop it? We are not our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions and not even our minds. If you lose your arm, you are still there. If you lose your eyesight, you are still there. We are the spirit, that essence, the children of the Divine Creator. Our character envelops those qualities in us that determine how we respond to people, environment and situations in life. This includes our inner responses as well as outer. This means what we are thinking and feeling on the inside even if we don’t act on it. Our character is not dependent on the physical and these qualities are what we take with us when we leave this world, as they are the essence of who we are. Such qualities as truthfulness, loyalty, courage, and compassion are gifts of the Holy Spirit. The more we develop and implement these qualities the more we are in resonance with Nature and the Divine. The more we are in resonance with the Divine, the higher our consciousness grows along with our character and in turn the more successful we will be during life and after.

Our character is the sum of all qualities that make us who we are. Every experience and how we respond to it causes two effects: it impacts our character and causes a change in the outer world. This happens whether we are aware of it or not. You can lose everything but you will never lose your character. With Divine Grace you can improve and transform it.

Your character interpenetrates every cell of your body. If your character is lazy, your cells will be lazy. If in your character you have no discrimination, your cells will have no discrimination. They won’t know what to absorb and what to eliminate. They won’t be able to determine the useful from the useless. As Guruji Trivedi spoke many times “your cells are not different than you”.

Good character is the key to success. Success or failure depends on our perceptions and our responses to life. Qualities in alignment with Nature raise consciousness and bring opportunities. The most important relationships in our lives are with our Creator and within ourselves. There, you cannot fake it. Your true character will be revealed.