“Spirituality is not a practice or tactic. It means your spirit is dominating your totality”, spoke Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in a discourse. Many people fill their time with spiritual practices but don’t pay attention to their spirit. They are fooling themselves.

Spiritual does not mean dogma, or meditation or positive thinking or even religion. It’s handing over you life into the hands of your spirit. It means listening to your spirit. According to Guruji Trivedi the legacy of spiritual action can remain on earth for 1,000s of years. It’s your spirit that harnesses the Divine Grace, the Life Force.

This topic, discussed several times by Guruji awakened me to much deeper inner connection. All my years of techniques and practices did not get me the connection I was looking for. Good intention does not get you there. I began to see the problem was not that I needed to do more of it or try harder it or try a different practice. I implemented Guruji’s teachings by letting go of the techniques and practices I had become accustomed to. I began to prioritize my inner spirit. To be aware, listen and follow the voice that comes from within. Everything changes when you rely on the spirit within. Fear from the future seems to disappear. It is replaced with a confidence and an ability to handle situations without so many struggles.

Trying harness the Grace of God with techniques instead of respect and love for the spirit within and the God of your understanding is like being a gold digger. It is wanting the gold or benefits without the real relationship, without fostering the true love, respect and gratitude.

A courageous person might ask them self the tough questions

Am I a Gold Digger in the Spiritual world?

Do I think I am spiritual because I’m dedicating my life to so-called spiritual practices?

Do I say I love God but do I have any idea what that really means?

Am I being who I was created to be?

Am I aligned with my spirit?