“It’s all about the journey.” Really?

We’ve all heard the saying “Life is about the Journey”. Let’s take a look at this. If you are on your way home, say from work, is it about the journey or about getting home? What is the goal? What is the destination? Is there a destination or just wandering?

We are all on a journey in life whether we are aware or not. Where and how you end up is the outcome. The journey is the path you take. Maybe there is more than one route you can take to get home. What is the outcome of the road you are on? If you are following someone else’s directions as to how they got home you will never make it home. If you copy someone else’s path you will not get there. Others can have an idea of what your outcome should be and you can get pulled into it and end out nowhere. Only Divine and your higher soul know your path. Processes and techniques are following someone else’s path. It mostly creates confusion. Successful people don’t copy each other. They go through the process of self-realization. They follow the messages that come in the silence. The messages that come from their spirit. When the spirit leads you will know the perfect and right journey for you, on your way home to the Creator.

People of lower consciousness pay attention to the journey, to the process or technique. They may spend hours and hours meditating, chanting, eating a certain way, and trying harder in their doingness without much result. When they don’t get any outcome they just add more of the same.

People with higher consciousness pay attention to the outcome. Where is the road you’re on taking you? Is it getting you where you want to be? What is the outcome of your doingness? Don’t waste your life.

If you look at the outcome of what you’ve been doing you can see if you are on the right path or not. Your spirit can act like a GPS and guide you to the right journey so that you will obtain the right outcome for you. Let your spirit lead you and then you will become Spiritual and be on the right journey for you.

Patrica Rowe at launch of Atlas V 401 rocket of United Launch Alliance (ULA), the First Interplanetary Mission from the West Coast

In May 2018 United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Atlas V 401 rocket began it’s journey to deliver the InSight spacecraft to Mars. InSight landed on Mars Nov. 26, 2018.

This mission of NASA will study Mars deep interior and seek to discover the evolution of rocky planets including Earth by studying the interior structure and processes of Mars. It will also look for information on Marsquakes and impacts of meteorites, which could offer understandings about such things on Earth.

None of this would be possible without paying attention to the outcome. It’s the outcome that brings the value not the journey. Is your journey producing value or not?

Higher consciousness is the journey to the God of your understanding. Your spirit knows your path.

What this Life Force Energy does is increase your connection to your higher self and the God of your understanding so you can transform your life.

Your lower consciousness journey can be stopped right now. You can start a new journey in a moment’s time just by deciding to listen and follow your spirit.