A goal is like a compass. It gives you direction. It helps you focus on where you want to go in life and make positive changes to get there. Clarifying your goal will improve your chances of achieving it.


Follow these tips to clarify your goals:


  1. Figure out your ultimate goal. What exactly do you want? Look at the big picture.


  1. Check to make sure your goal is realistic. The Energy Transmissions Patricia Rowe sends with the Trivedi Effect® Energy can raise your consciousness and bring new perceptions. This can help you see things in a more realistic view.


  1. Check to make sure your goal is useful to your life. Ask yourself “Is this goal worth the time, resources and effort required to accomplish it?”


  1. Break up your goals. When you look at the main goal it may seem intimidating and unattainable. It’s important to break up your main goal into smaller ones. Achieving the smaller goals will fuel your motivation to continue towards the main goal. This also reduces feelings of overwhelm.


  1. Give yourself deadlines.  It is vital to give yourself deadlines so you will know if you are making progress toward your goal. Each of your small goals should have attainable deadlines. Leave room for flexibility in your time structure in case of unexpected delays.


  1. Create check points. On a regular basis look to see if you are getting the desired outcome. Do you need to change your approach?


  1. Create a habit of working toward your goal on a regular basis.


  1. Write it all down. Now you have a plan.


Watch for my next Blog on Strategies for Establishing a Habit